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EGSS 12th Annual Conference
12e conférence annuelle d l'AECSE

Keynote Speakers
Conférencier(e.s) invité(e.s)


Academic At Last? Knowing, Occupying, Speaking 'Academia'

Dr. Yvette Taylor - London South Bank Univerity

Yvette Taylor is Professor in Social and Policy Studies and Head of the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, London South Bank University. She has held a Fulbright Scholarship at Rutgers University (2010-11) and as visiting fellowship at the Australian National University (sponsored by the Freilich Foundation). Books include Fitting Into Place? Class and Gender Geographies and Temporalities (Ashgate, 2012); Lesbian and Gay Parenting: Securing Social and Educational Capitals (Palgrave, 2009) and Working-Class Lesbian Life: Classed Outsiders (Palgrave, 2007). Edited collections include Educational Diversity (Palgrave, 2012); Sexualities: Reflections and Futures (2012); Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality (Palgrave, 2010) and Classed Intersections: Spaces, Selves, Knowledges (Ashgate, 2010). She has articles in a range of journals including British Journal of the Sociology of Education, European Societies, Sociological Research Online, Sexualities, Feminist Theory. Yvette is currently working on an ESRC standard grant ‘Making space for queer identifying religious youth’ (2011-2013). She regularly blogs on the British Sociological Association’s (BSA) Sociology and the Cuts and the Gender and Education Association (GEA) websites and is Director of the MA Gender and Sexuality at the Weeks Centre.
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Keynote Panel with Deans of Faculties of Education from the Montreal Area:

Educational research in 21st century Quebec: Challenges and Conversations


Dr. Hélène Perrault is Dean of the Faculty of Education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Previously, she was the Associate Provost (Planning and Budgets) and has served as Department Chair, Kinesiology and Physical Education. Holder of a Exercise Physiology (1983) from the Université de Montréal, she remains a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education and an Associate Member of the Department of Medicine Division of Respiratory Medicine of the McGill University Health Centre. She has also been a Professor in the Laboratoire de Bioénergétique Fondamental et Appliquée of the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France.

Dr. Perrault has been instrumental in the implementation of major undergraduate and graduate academic program revisions, academic renewal as well as fostering cross-disciplinary interactions across several University faculties. She served as McGill senator between 2001 and 2005, contributed actively to several subcommittees of Senate and has chaired or served on numerous University academic, selection and administrative committees. A past-president of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (1993-1996), Dr. Perrault has pursued a research career in Clinical Exercise Physiology, first as a research associate in the Department of Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine of Ste-Justine Pediatric Hospital and since 2000 as a Medical Scientist in the Respiratory Division of the MUHC at the Montreal Chest Institute. A past-president of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Dr. Perrault has, and continues to foster academic and research collaborations between exercise sciences and medicine for health promotion, advancement of knowledge, and the development of therapeutic modalities and applications. Through funding as principal or co-investigator from several national and provincial granting agencies she has contributed to a large number of scientific publications and has supervised the work of numerous graduate students, which focused primarily on the physiology and/or the functional repercussions of chronic heart or lung disorders.

As Dean of the Faculty of Education since 2008, she has spearheaded and coordinated several initiatives linking the Faculty’s four academic units spanning from molecules and cells to society, to provide an unrivalled setting for transdisciplinary research, an increasingly important approach to inquiry that seeks to go beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines tackling some of society’s most urgent challenges—the development of coping mechanisms for enhancing physical, mental and emotional health for the aging population, the urgent need for more mathematics and science teachers, and the design of physical and cognitive developmental trajectories for typical and atypical behavior.

Currently serving as President of ADEREQ for the (Association des doyens, doyennes et directeurs, directrices pour l’étude et la recherché en education au Québec) Dr. Perrault has been actively interacting with provincial government officials to influence policies to enhance the academic preparation of future school teachers and to foster and support new initiatives towards greater recognition for the teaching profession where practices are derived from close and continuous links with theoretical and participatory-based research findings.


Professeur Marcel Monette
Doyen, Faculté des Sciences de l’éducation,
Université Laval.

Marcel Monette, docteur en psychologie de l’Université de Montréal, est professeur titulaire de la Faculté des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université Laval. Cofondateur du Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur l’éducation et la vie au travail, il a mené des recherches sur les transitions professionnelles en s’attardant particulièrement au passage des études au marché du travail. Il a publié six volumes et plusieurs articles dans des revues scientifiques. Il a aussi donné plus d’une soixantaine de communications tant au niveau national qu’à l’international. Il a participé à des enseignements aux universités suivantes : University of British Columbia en Colombie-Britannique, l’Université nationale du Vietnam à Hanoï, l’Université de Canterbury en Nouvelle-Zélande et l’Université Pierre Mendès France à Grenoble. Il a aussi formé plusieurs conseillers en formation continue de Strasbourg et à l’Université de Haute Alsace, au SERFA de Mulhouse.

Le professeur Monette a reçu de l’Association canadienne de counseling, le prix Robert Langlois pour le bilinguisme, un certificat de mérite de la Fondation canadienne d’orientation et de consultation, pour sa contribution au développement de carrière au Canada, un certificat de mérite « for Leadership in International Collaboration » de l’American Association for Counselor Educator and Supervision et il a été nommé membre honoraire de l’Association canadienne de counseling pour sa remarquable contribution au domaine du counseling.


Louise Poirier

Professeure titulaire au département de didactique et depuis 2010, doyenne de la faculté des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université de Montréal.

Spécialiste de l’enseignement des mathématiques au préscolaire et au primaire, elle a mené plusieurs recherches collaboratives avec les milieux scolaires notamment avec la commission scolaire Kativik et la communauté inuit ainsi qu’avec le Programme Soutien à l’École Montréalaise.

Elle est aussi vice-présidente de la Commission Internationale d’Étude pour l’Amélioration de l’Enseignement des Mathématiques ( CIEAEM) depuis 2007.